Monday, February 13, 2012

2-14-12 Why do I do this?

Why do I perscribe to cultivation?  One time I read that Jesus said it is possible to live in the world with such peace that nothing will disbrub your peace.  Well, that just made sense to me and I had to make that happen for me.  I'm a long way from complete peace, but I have made progress and I more peaceful more of the time.

I have been extremely busy at work this last week covering for a couple of people and I allowed myself to generate stress over it.  It was a good test for me, but I knew all the while I was stressing that I did not have to react in that manner. I could have just gone with the flow and made the whole experience much nicer for myself and my co-workers. I was not a good example of cultivating happiness for myself.  I will do it better next time.

This world is a great place and also dangerous and scary place with the natural disasters, thieves, and all sorts of ciminals walking around. There is war and rumors of war, our government is not providing and proctecting us they way they could.  Lack of money, lack of good health, and diseases is enough to keep us all scared. All that I have just listed is why I cultivate peace and happiness inside of me. Within my true nature is the answer to all the fear in this world.  That is what is meant by living in this world, but not being of this world.  Not only is that a true statement for me but all of us it have within us the realm of possibility to live unafraid with the faith we are being provided for and protected by the force that runs the universe.

I have checked many fears off of my original list when I was not aware that I had the power to control what I feared.  I really works for me and for may others that I associate with. There are also many books to look to for advise and answers.

The five great sages: Buddha, Mohammad, Confucius, Lao Tse and in a class all his own, Jesus Christ have left behind many instructions on how to live our lives.  With the internet it is very easy to access many of the great books of instruction. 


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