Friday, March 1, 2013

3-1-13 MY DREAM

I hear on TV all about having dreams and making your dreams come true. My dream is peace of mind. I want this not only for me, but for everyone I know. Peace of mind will not be achieved politcally or through religion. This can only happen by going within and embracing ou true nature,

Everything I think I know is a lie because this world is just an experience to learn from for my eternal

Saturday, February 16, 2013

2-16-13 I have not entered anything for a while. I am retiring after 45 years of corporate bullshit and my mind has been otherwise occupied.

I did receive some inspiration regarding difficult people in our lives.

I have stated that the only real truth about us is that we are eternal beings. That our human side is just a temporary experience.  If you don't go along with this, then just pretend for a moment so I can make my point.  This is my opinion and I'm not saying it has to be the gospel for anyone else.  It works for me and helps me maintain my utmost happiness that I am experiencing at this point in my process.

Before I came into this world in this human body born to my parents, I came with a plan for my eternal education which included certain people that also came into their human experience around the same time. I like to believe that some of my most beloved spirit companions, due to their extreme love for me, agreed to be a difficult person in my life because of the growth that relationship would provide me.  To these people I owe my eternal gratitude and love.

Different subject:  I have a pet peeve: when someone states the obvious after the fact.  I caught myself saying this very thing the other day and it horrified me.  I have several good friends that do this all the time. I still haven’t found a good way to mention it them so I just let it go. If I’m suppose to say something, what to say will be given to me to be said with compassion for their feelings.

When I said to that person after their shared what they did. “well you should have ……….” The only thing that happens when you state the obvious after the fact is to make the person feel even more stupid than they already do. It doesn’t change anything. It might stroke your own ego which is totally insane and seems to be satisfied with insane stroking.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

This was sent to me and I'm posting it because it speaks of stopping  being so consumed with plans and letting ourselves work for good and happiness. Let's get out of our own way this next year and allow the plan that came with us to manifest for us.

"Friends are God's way of taking care of us."
This was written by a Metro Denver Hospice Physician:

I was driving home from a meeting this evening about 5, stuck in traffic on Colorado Blvd., and the car started to choke and splutter and die - I barely managed to coast, cursing, into a gas station, glad only that I would not be blocking traffic and would have a somewhat warm spot to wait for the tow truck. It wouldn't even turn over. Before I could make the call, I saw a woman walking out of the "quickie mart " building, and it looked like she slipped on some ice and fell into a Gas pump, so I got out to see if she was okay

When I got there, it looked more like she had been overcome by sobs than that she had fallen; she was a young woman who looked really haggard with dark circles under her eyes. She dropped something as I helped her up, and I picked it up to give it to her. It was a nickel.

At that moment, everything came into focus for me: the crying woman, the ancient Suburban crammed full of stuff with 3 kids in the back (1 in a car seat), and the gas pump reading $4.95.

I asked her if she was okay and if she needed help, and she just kept saying " don't want my kids to see me crying," so we stood on the other side of the pump from her car. She said she was driving to California and that things were very hard for her right now. So I asked, "And you were praying?" That made her back a away from me a little, but I assured her I was not a crazy person and said, "He heard you, and He sent me."

I took out my card and swiped it through the card reader on the pump so she could fill up her car completely, and while it was fuelling, walked to the next door McDonald's and bought 2 big bags of food, some gift certificates for more, and a big cup of coffee. She gave the food to the kids in the car, who attacked it like wolves, and we stood by the pump eating fries and talking a little.

She told me her name, and that she lived in Kansas City Her boyfriend left 2 months ago and she had not been able to make ends meet. She knew she wouldn't have money to pay rent Jan 1, and finally in desperation had finally called her parents, with whom she had not spoken in about 5 years. They lived in California and said she could come live with them and try to get on her feet there.

So she packed up everything she owned in the car. She told the kids they were going to California for Christmas, but not that they were going to live there.

I gave her my gloves, a little hug and said a quick prayer with her for safety on the road. As I was walking over to my car, she said, "So, are you like an angel or something?"

This definitely made me cry. I said, "Sweetie, at this time of year angels are really busy, so sometimes God uses regular people."

It was so incredible to be a part of someone else's miracle. And of course, you guessed it, when I got in my car it started right away and got me home with no problem. I'll put it in the shop tomorrow to check, but I suspect the mechanic won't find anything wrong.

Sometimes the angels fly close enough to you that you can hear the flutter of their wings...

Psalms 55:22 "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee. He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved."


Friday, December 21, 2012

12-21-12 Doing the Non Doing

The world admonishes us to have a plan, make goals, work toward our dreams.
This state of doing for our own good is good and never questioned.

When a person is wanting complete happiness it requires a letting go of our programmed beliefs. In other words, what we have been taught as normal and for our best interests.

True happiness takes getting out of our own way and allowing the plan that came with us into this world happen. This is easier said than done. Plans have a way of falling down in mid-flight. Have you ever experienced those times with your life just happens? When an unexpected event moves us onto a different path.

I read a story about the author of the book “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. How he came to write this book which took him from poverty to wealth all because his wife died and he drained his savings in medical bills. He was always picked on as a kid because he was small and different. So he made up this story to tell his daughter based on his growing up. We just don’t know what’s going to happen and what the results of that might be for us.

A selfless act can only be performed by someone in an egoless state. Every act performed by someone in the usual way of things has some kind of reward attached whether it is financial, power, love, status or just feeling good about oneself. All these things are ego re-inforcing. To perform a selfless act one must let go of one's ego and pass into an enlightened state of consciousness. This is called wu wei – the state of doing without doing. Here every act is selfless for the ego has ceased to exist. There is no I making decisions and the outcome is always perfect.

'Doing' good means those intentional actions taken to benefit us or actions taken to change the world from its natural state and evolution.

To pass into an enlightened state of consciousness one diminishes doing. Doing all those actions committed against the already present natural harmony. Having arrived at this pointless point of non-action, there is nothing that is left undone. It is upon achievement of this Chinese equivalent to 'enlightenment' that we begin to perform wei wu wei, or action without action (doing the non doing). Thus we will be able to work in harmony with the already natural order to accomplish what is needed, and, working in perfect harmony with the already natural harmony, leave no trace of having done it.

Have a wonderful happy holiday season.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

11-1-12 Is what we see the absolute truth?

Perception is a mirror, not a fact. And what I look on is my state of my own mind, reflected outward. Our eyes are the tools used to see with. Once what we are looking at goes past the eyes, it is interpreted by our minds to matchup with whatever our own mind has been programmed to think about what it is we are looking at based on how we see ourselves. Try a test; while in the presence of someone else, even better with two or more, watch the news together and pick one of the news pieces and describe what that looks like to you and what it means to you and have each one of them do the same.  You will find that there may be some similarities but each a little different view. Another case in point; what actions speak love to you compared to how love speaks to someone else. I read a study once that categorized how love is expressed to different types of people:  i.e., people who need to hear the words to believe, people who need to be touched to believe, people who need to perform acts (like cleaning or cooking) to believe. If two different types get together, there are problems in conveying love to each other. They each have to learn to speak love in their partners way of believing to be successful.

What we seem to perceive outside is not a fact, but a reflection of our own state of mind. The
value of the world. special relationships -- our bodily preoccupations -- have only one true purpose: to remind us that what we are seeing outside is nothing more than how we think and feel inside.
Everyone sees only what he thinks he is. What each one of think is a sum total of our experiences and what we made of those experiences. Yes, we were certainly told who we are by our peer group (parents, family, class-mates, friends, etc.), which actually was that person imposing his perception of what he thought he was on you.  This truth is what makes forgiveness possible (it wasn't really about you, it was about them.)

I feel like I've been many different people in my life-time. This is because I am always in the state of changing.  I get new information in and I apply that new information to what I think I believe which changes what I think I believe which in turn changes what I think I am seeing and my experience of this world.

There is no reason to be stuck. Be like the tree that bends in the wind. Seek out new information and analyze it, keeping what you want and getting rid of what you don't want. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

10 ways to improve your happiness

10-13-12 I found this link in one of Oprah's newletters and decided to give you the link because it relates to happiness:

10-27-12 Karma (Cause and Effect)

I have written about cause and effect before. I feel that cause and effect is the core of our human experience and should be stated and restated until we can truly be aware and live within that awareness.

I believe in past lives which I have also stated before. Lately, I’ve been experiencing a kind of unhappy force affecting me. I don’t know very much about karma which led me to ask questions about it. One of my friends sent me some documents to read on the subject. I’m going to share part of my research with you because it’s apropos to this blog. I do not know the author; therefore, I cannot give credit:

“Karma” is both action and the consequence of that action; it is cause and effect simultaneously, because every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind.

“What you sow is what you reap.” If we want to create happiness in our lives, we must learn to sow the seeds of happiness. Therefore, karma implies the action of conscious choice-making.

In every moment of our existence, we have access to an infinity of choices. Some of these choices are made consciously, while others are made unconsciously. We should become consciously aware of the choices we make in every moment. Whether you like it or not, everything that is happening at this moment is a result of the choices you’ve made in the past. Unfortunately, a lot of us make choices unconsciously.

If I were to insult you, you would most likely make the choice of being offended. If I were to pay you a compliment, you would most likely make the choice of being pleased or flattered. It’s still a choice. I could offend you and I could insult you, and you could make the choice of not being offended. I could pay you a compliment and you could make the choice of not letting that flatter you either.

Even though we are infinite choice-makers, we have become bundles of reflexes that are constantly being triggered by people and circumstances into predictable outcomes of behavior.

Our reactions seem to be automatically triggered by people and circumstances, and we forget that these are still choices that we are making in every moment of our existence. We are simply making these choices unconsciously.

If you step back for a moment and witness the choices you are making as you make those choices, then in just this act of witnessing, you take the whole process from the unconscious realm into the conscious realm. This procedure of conscious choice-making and witnessing is very empowering.

When you make any choice—any choice at all—you can ask yourself two things: First all, “What are the consequences of this choice I’m making?” In your heart you will immediately know what these are. Secondly, “will this choice that I’m making now bring happiness to me and to those around me?” If the answer is yes, then go ahead with that choice. (This choice works out Karma that matches.) If the answer is no, if that choice brings distress either to you or to those around you, then don’t make that choice. (This choice creates Karma.”