Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Non Interference in the Lives of Others


It's been a whole year since I began blogging. I'm impressed that I actually stuck with it. Yea! for me!

I remember reading somewhere by some famous author that writes "self help" books, I don't recall who, to have peace of mind it's important to not interfere in other peoples lives.

I have two grown daughters, a son-in-law and some close friends and I found myself voicing my opinion (judgement) about how they could do something they were doing much better, if they would do it my way.

My children did not want my advise and my friends just pushed back. I spent many frustrated hours in my own mind obsessing over this.  I finally realized that this judgment or opinion was coming from MY mind making it real only for myself.  Perception can be a harsh task-master.

Once I embraced my own eternal nature and the eternal nature of everyone else, letting go of interfering with my opinions and judgements became the way for me. Since I am here stumbling through this thing called life, then so is everyone else. No other human has my perception and I have no clue about anyone else's perception.  We really cannot completely know what someone else is thinking.

Since I believe that we are all here to learn and change, then how can I possibly know what anyone else has to do to accomplish their learning and changing.  It's not my job. We are family and freinds to be supportive and that meant to me to be supportive without judgment knowing that the people and situations in their life is for their learning not mine.

Once I finally got it, I understood why the result would be peace of mind.  Focusing on my own learning is a big enough job without taking on my perception of what someone else should or should not do.

Someone else's failure may just become their own personal victory.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

8-19-12 Gratitude

It's been awhile since I've added any new posts. I've been inside myself, reflecting and witnessing. The last two days, I've been very happy with no tangible thing to say this has been the reason. I just am happy.  I've been reinforcing with my reflection how taken care of I am.  My gratitude is overflowing.  

You see, I totally believe in heaven's essence guiding and blessing me even in ways that may sound the opposite of blessing.  I learned a long time ago that if something comes up in my life that seems like a negative, that it really is a blessing.  Even though I may not rejoice right away, I do get there. I may not understand why that paticular person or event was necessary for my growth/change, but the change happens and it is always for my eternal happiness. My goal for this life-time is constant rejoicing.

I truly wish I could wrap this believe up in a pretty gift box and give it to everyone that would take the time to open it. Even it they may not be ready to receive the gift, the intent is still there. It will manifest later.

I cannot stress enough how important gratitude is to your happiness. If you suffer from depression, I believe you can find one thing about yourself or your surroundings that you like. Pick that one thing and be grateful for that. It could just be you like to shape and size of your big toe.  Get up and go wash your face. Then be grateful that you can get to the sink, that you have a wash cloth and there is water to wash your beautiful face with. This little bit of gratitude will begin to shine.  No darkness can withstand in shine.

It's really true that anyone can live in this world within an aurora of happiness.