Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ANGER 11-22-11

Your anger will not change what you are angry about but it will hurt you and those close to you. Don’t hurt yourself with anger when anger can be transformed with just a turn of thought.

Anger is like being stuck on the freeway. You can’t do anything about it, you can’t move forward, you can’t move back, and you can’t turn around. No matter where you have to be and what time you have to be there you are stuck. You can get as angry as you choose, wave your arms around, cuss up a blue streak. The result is the same; you are going to be stuck until you’re not.

Someone I love very much is in a situation she is very angry about. She is powerless to change the situation and her husband is also powerless to change it. Staying angry is going to create stress in her body which will takes its toll and it will also take its toll on her relationship with her husband. The situation is financially not good, but it will change for the better in time. I know that’s really easy for me to say, but I’m old enough to have a lot of these same experiences behind me to know that this will pass.

Change your mind about what you are angry about. Find a different way to see it for no other reason than to be kind to yourself and those close to you. Each of us has a core that is all compassion and love. It’s there under all the world has heaped upon it. Call on that core to help yourself.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our true nature is pure and innocent and also is in a process. The process of my true eternal nature I would never claim to know anything about. It is the mystery of heaven.
I do think that no matter how badly we act in our human nature, our true nature stays innocent. Our eternal soul is not of our making and we cannot mess it up. Cultivating our true nature allows us to experience our original innocence and we slowly get a grip on the fact that everyone else is also innocent no matter how they act in their ego. Our judgment of someone else’s bad behavior is just that; our judgment. We could just as easily see them as innocent which shines a whole new light on their behavior from your eyes.

Jesus Christ said on the cross, “Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.”
Was his proclamation of our natural innocence.

Children are naturally innocent until they learn to be different. Their behavior changes, but their natural innocence does not. It just gets all covered up and burdened under our worldly beliefs and our acceptance of what we experience in this world is all there is. I, for one, and very happy that is not true.

Coming only from our human heart our thoughts can go sideways. Cultivating from our true heart our thoughts take us straight to happiness.

Speaking about the mystery of heaven, I’m more content with leaving it a mystery. I would rather stay in the here and now to be as happy as I allow myself to be at my current state of process.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Power of What if. 11-11-10

The power of saying what if seems harmless; however, it can be very debilitating. I call it the power of pretend because for every what if there is an opposite what if which negates the first what if. I hear people say “what if” all the time which stops them from taking a risk that could prove to be beneficial to them.

I was watching the Country Music Awards the other night and I heard a lot of songs about the pain of lost love. I could not help but think what the difference would be living from your true self in how a person would handle letting a partner go without causing so much pain for themselves and that partner. Living from your true self gives a person an eternal perspective shedding a whole new light on the people we love and the form of that love. Love becomes open and accepting. If either you or your partner decided the relationship just was not going to work for them any more. It would be as simple as saying thanks for the memories, I wish the best live has to offer you, you made a difference in my life that will go with me forward, keep in touch if that is comfortable for you, I will miss you being around but I totally understand that you have to do what you have to do. Then being able to turn around and make the necessary changes you have to make for yourself with nothing but gratitude and love in your heart for that person and the new opportunities that will open for you now that you are single again. Now there’s a great, what if, for you. That kind of thinking would probably change the music scene.

There are no small miracles. All miracles are huge no matter how insignificant they may seem. Miracles are happening all the time all around you. Once you plug in to the energy of the universe, you can’t help but be aware of miracles. It’s 100 percent of your perception. Start to change your perception to the eternal and watch and behold!

It’s way to easy to just exist. Go to work, exercise, take care of your business, and watch your favorite television shows, all in a days work. That is what is so beautiful about cultivating your eternal nature; your daily life and the mundane aspects of it are filled with miracles.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The title was a poster I read once, which I liked, and repeated to myself. Now, that I am in a different place (eternal being having a human experience), this saying means something different to me.

We already have what we really want. It is inside in your true nature. Looking outside yourself will never give you sustaining happiness.

The more I see the world around me, the more, I see how much importance is put on sex, and being sexy. It seems that this one issue can make or break a person’s happiness. If you don’t consider yourself sexy and you are caught up in the importance of that you will suffer. If you are unable to “keep up with the Jones” and you believe that your happiness rests on more money and more keeping with the cool crowd, you will suffer. If being with your “soul mate” is so important to you that it is all you think about, but you are only attracted to a certain look or you don’t fit into the look that mainstream singles are looking for, you will suffer.

I have to take a detour for a bit. The idea of a soul mate is a nice romantic idea but that’s about the size of it. Any relationship we have is a one of a “soul mate”. That includes mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives, and romantic partners. This is just my eternal opinion.

All of the above suffering and suffering I did not mention can be done away with by finding your true self. Looking within to find the balance between the soul and the body is where happiness exists. It’s there and is always there for you to access. It’s your connection to heaven and it comes with all the help you are ever going to need. Once you find it, it takes cultivation and standing guard over thoughts that will take you back to the world and the concerns of the world. Our attachments and desires are not easy to loose. Sometimes you will feel alone because it’s only a small percentage of us that will even get close to finding their true nature. You are not alone. You are actually helping all others who will not find their true nature this time around. You are also helping change the course of natural disasters.