Friday, January 27, 2012


It’s just so human:

To think that this world is all there is

To eat drink and be merry cause when you die, that’s the end

To have low self esteem

To believe you are powerless to change yourself and the world

To be run around by your ego

To fear God

To live in any fear

To not be in control of your desires and emotions

To believe your body controls your health and aging

To hate everything that is different

To hate what you don’t understand

To believe that judging is productive and right

To fall prey and to be a victim

To not know you are worthy and full of promise

To believe there is no way out of your misery

This list could go on and on, but I am sure you get the gist of it. The answer to every problem is right behind it. The answer has already been given.

Cause and effect can be corrected to work for you.

The book stores are full of books written by people who have had life after death experiences and what their experience was.  Check it out.  Don't completely disregard the mystical.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty 1-17-12

I was watching the Martha Stewart show this morning.  The show was on beauty and there was talk about how beauty comes from within, but only in reference to what we eat.  I wish there would be more talk about changing how beautiful we can be from within to changing how we think and what our perception of ourselves and the world around us.  To think productively, to let the past go, to stop being afraid of our future (although the world right now seems percarious); mainly to self-reflect and let that be the beginning of making real change from within.  True beauty does comes from within, but it is so much more that what we eat or what multivitimins we take, or the exercise we get.

There is a very rich industry on beauty products and advise.  There is also a lot of resources to help you find the way to within yourself. Trust me; when you start to go within, you may not like what you find, but go deeper to not only find your true beauty but the avenue to release it.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

1-14-11 More on mindfullness

We spend hours worrying about our future, blaming ourselves and others for what we've done or not done to ourselves or what we blame others for what they did to us in the past and completely missing the present moment - the moment in which we actually have power to make real change in our lives.

Each minute we miss in our appointment with life is a missed opportunity to engage in life for the better and to experience true happiness.

To be mindfull is to be completely aware of all that is going on within ourselves and all that is happening around us, from moment to moment, without judgment or preconceived notions.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was listening to talk radio this morning on my drive to work which I had to shut off because it was sounding like a whole lot of useless noise.

This post is for me, because I have a lot of opinions and I always have had. I’m thinking my opinions are a manifestation of my ego. I am not operating from my true nature when I’m caught up in expressing an opinion or judgment. I have to choose which mind I want to go with; my human mind or my true mind. Since true happiness and my true self is only in my true/eternal mind, there is no contest. I choose my true/eternal mind.

I ask myself what was ever changed or accomplished because I had an opinion. I may have validated myself or thought I am impressing someone. The only person I can actually impress is me. There is no way I could ever know what it would take to impress anyone else.

I fully believe any change is going to happen by aligning myself with the true universe. Now, I must act on that belief. With each opinion my intent will be to let it go and to send an internal blessing in place of my opinion.

I’ll get back to you on my progress. The world operates on all sorts of opinions. I have never heard any two people agree that one persons opinion is a better opinion. There is no agreement in this arena. Please correct me if I am wrong.