Friday, March 9, 2012

Story about letting your life happen instead of always planning.

This story is about afarmer whose horse broke out of its corral and ran off.  When the farmer’s neighbors heard that his horse had run off, they cajoled, “how sad it was that his only horse ran off.”  The farmer just replied with, “Maybe.” The next morning the farmer’s horse returned with a herd of horses following him. Now the farmer had many horses in his corral.  His neighbors upon hearing the news exclaimed how wonderful for him that his horse brought back so many other horses.  The farmer again responded with, “maybe.”  The farmer’s son breaking one of the new horses was thrown and broke his leg.  His neighbors were quick to feel sorry for his son breaking his leg.  The farmer’s answer was, “Maybe.”  The next day the army was riding through the villages taking all the young men with them to join their army.  They did not take the farmer’s son because his leg was broken.  “How, wonderful that your son was not taken,” the neighbors exclaimed.  Again, the farmers’ reply was the same, “Maybe.” 

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