Saturday, February 16, 2013

2-16-13 I have not entered anything for a while. I am retiring after 45 years of corporate bullshit and my mind has been otherwise occupied.

I did receive some inspiration regarding difficult people in our lives.

I have stated that the only real truth about us is that we are eternal beings. That our human side is just a temporary experience.  If you don't go along with this, then just pretend for a moment so I can make my point.  This is my opinion and I'm not saying it has to be the gospel for anyone else.  It works for me and helps me maintain my utmost happiness that I am experiencing at this point in my process.

Before I came into this world in this human body born to my parents, I came with a plan for my eternal education which included certain people that also came into their human experience around the same time. I like to believe that some of my most beloved spirit companions, due to their extreme love for me, agreed to be a difficult person in my life because of the growth that relationship would provide me.  To these people I owe my eternal gratitude and love.

Different subject:  I have a pet peeve: when someone states the obvious after the fact.  I caught myself saying this very thing the other day and it horrified me.  I have several good friends that do this all the time. I still haven’t found a good way to mention it them so I just let it go. If I’m suppose to say something, what to say will be given to me to be said with compassion for their feelings.

When I said to that person after their shared what they did. “well you should have ……….” The only thing that happens when you state the obvious after the fact is to make the person feel even more stupid than they already do. It doesn’t change anything. It might stroke your own ego which is totally insane and seems to be satisfied with insane stroking.

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