Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The title was a poster I read once, which I liked, and repeated to myself. Now, that I am in a different place (eternal being having a human experience), this saying means something different to me.

We already have what we really want. It is inside in your true nature. Looking outside yourself will never give you sustaining happiness.

The more I see the world around me, the more, I see how much importance is put on sex, and being sexy. It seems that this one issue can make or break a person’s happiness. If you don’t consider yourself sexy and you are caught up in the importance of that you will suffer. If you are unable to “keep up with the Jones” and you believe that your happiness rests on more money and more keeping with the cool crowd, you will suffer. If being with your “soul mate” is so important to you that it is all you think about, but you are only attracted to a certain look or you don’t fit into the look that mainstream singles are looking for, you will suffer.

I have to take a detour for a bit. The idea of a soul mate is a nice romantic idea but that’s about the size of it. Any relationship we have is a one of a “soul mate”. That includes mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives, and romantic partners. This is just my eternal opinion.

All of the above suffering and suffering I did not mention can be done away with by finding your true self. Looking within to find the balance between the soul and the body is where happiness exists. It’s there and is always there for you to access. It’s your connection to heaven and it comes with all the help you are ever going to need. Once you find it, it takes cultivation and standing guard over thoughts that will take you back to the world and the concerns of the world. Our attachments and desires are not easy to loose. Sometimes you will feel alone because it’s only a small percentage of us that will even get close to finding their true nature. You are not alone. You are actually helping all others who will not find their true nature this time around. You are also helping change the course of natural disasters.

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