Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our true nature is pure and innocent and also is in a process. The process of my true eternal nature I would never claim to know anything about. It is the mystery of heaven.
I do think that no matter how badly we act in our human nature, our true nature stays innocent. Our eternal soul is not of our making and we cannot mess it up. Cultivating our true nature allows us to experience our original innocence and we slowly get a grip on the fact that everyone else is also innocent no matter how they act in their ego. Our judgment of someone else’s bad behavior is just that; our judgment. We could just as easily see them as innocent which shines a whole new light on their behavior from your eyes.

Jesus Christ said on the cross, “Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.”
Was his proclamation of our natural innocence.

Children are naturally innocent until they learn to be different. Their behavior changes, but their natural innocence does not. It just gets all covered up and burdened under our worldly beliefs and our acceptance of what we experience in this world is all there is. I, for one, and very happy that is not true.

Coming only from our human heart our thoughts can go sideways. Cultivating from our true heart our thoughts take us straight to happiness.

Speaking about the mystery of heaven, I’m more content with leaving it a mystery. I would rather stay in the here and now to be as happy as I allow myself to be at my current state of process.

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