Saturday, April 21, 2012


Ever heard the saying, "Man's inhumanity to man"?  History and our current world status certainly proves this saying to be ture.  So much hate, so much violence towards each other, even when not in a war. 

There is a truth about each and every one of us and that truth is that because of our eternal being within our true nature is compassionate. The problem is that our true nature is covered up with desires, attachments, ego, and our acceptance that to hate and to fear other human beings is the way it is.  Very few people are even aware of their true nature.

What can be done about this inhumanity?  The power that rules the universe has an eventual plan to take care of this, but that could take another 10,000 years.  What can be done now? What can you do?

Each of us can embrace our true nature and allow it to be awakened.  Once awakened, our natural compassion will begin to be our frame of reference for all our decisions and actions. This will begin a ripple effect that can and will influence the whole world. I will also diminish the number of natural disasters that are happening.

You don't have to believe me. What I'm saying is not anything I dreamt up, but I have expereienced it. My compassion has a long way to go, but I do enjoy the effect of it growing within me and I especially like the results when the natural compassion that is truly me is the choice I make in a given situation where in the past, in a similar situation, I choose the reaction my ego imposed on that situation. When my ego rules, the situation always ends in regret, guilt.

Happiness and compassion are one and the same and possible to achieve in our life-time. "Why fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when you could fly with the wings of an eagle." (Not my quote, I'm just passing it along).

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