Friday, April 27, 2012

A God Connection 4-27-12

It is my opinion that any connection one has to God is good. 

I was raised Southern Baptist, then I became a Catholic for love, after that I was a Morman for 10 years.
Since I was ex-communicated from the Morman Church, I've been studying many different resources to understand my connection to God and what is going to work the best for me to progress.  I have taken on the theory that the whole spirituality choice is a process. 

Whatever form your spiritual process takes is good as long as you are enjoying happiness there.  My son-in-law is an atheist. He is also naturally good and spreads a loving compassionate air in all phases of his life.  I see nothing wrong in that.  His connection is to what's natural within him without the need to verbally align himself with any outside connection.

Look at your arm and your five fingers.  It's like your arm is God or your higher power and your five fingers represent the five major religions.  They all come from the same source and they all adhere to loving the same God, but each form has it's own way of connecting.  One way will work for some people and other ways work for others.

We humans really cannot conceive of the Love that is bestowed upon us from God. We can't qualify, quantify or explain in words.

Is there really a right way or a wrong way? I choose to believe that we are all right where we are at now, and as we process we will always be right.

To borrow words from a song, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it". 

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