Friday, May 18, 2012


"If you could change your destiny, would you?"  I heard this line from a trailer for a new animated movie called "Brave".  It caused me to think about whether or not I would try to change my destiny.

There are three levels of the human mind (this information is readily availabe): Unconscious mind, Subconscious mind and Conscious mind.

In order to make any changes within yourself it is mandatory to understand how the human mind works.
Once you understand it, you can take control of your mind and make real change in your life thus changing your destiny.

First level is the Unconscious mind. This level the human mind holds the control of the basic functions of the human body, breathing, heart beating, digestion, reflexes, ... Basically, it controls all automatic functions, without need to think about it. Also stored in this level of mind are seeds from past lives.  Knowledge of our own perfection is accessed from here.

Second level is Subconscious mind. This level contains all knowledge, experience, habits, beliefs and attitudes toward life. What ever we met and learned in our life is placed in this level, in our personal library. Every second of your life is recorded in this segment of mind. The thing about this level is that our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is a dream or just a visual experience like when we watch a movie or television depending on the strength of the emotion we attached to that experience. 

Third level of human mind is the Conscious mind. This is analytical part of the mind that analysis all data that comes in. Also this part of mind is filtering information that comes to the subconscious mind. Actually, the Conscious mind is aligned with what is already formed as attitude or belief in Subconscious mind. If the new information is in conflict with information that is already stored in Subconscious mind, the Conscious mind tends to block that information. This is why people seem to be difficult to change. More information already stored in Subconscious mind makes new information that is in conflict with current information to be rejected. When we are in conversation with someone the conscious mind is pulling from the subconscious mind to determine our reaction based on what is stored.

The key to change is to become the observor as well as the communicator. If we feel a reaction come to the surface that we do not like or choose to follow through on, it is right there at that moment we can begin to change.  Over the period of our human existence old information has new information added to it.  Like our process of education.  We become smarter (obtaining a wider range of information).  Our learning process and taught us to say and do things differently depending on past outcomes of our actions. We see how the law of cause and effect works and use it to help us live proactive.

When I learned that my behavor (my reaction) is a result of my beliefs stored in my Subconscious mind and the Subconscious mind being a storage center, I learned that I needed to change my belief connected to that particular reaction to change my reaction.  Let me explain it this way; I would tell you that I am not prejudice. Yet, I have caught myself reacting with prejudice. This tells me that I have a prejudice believe stored in my subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind can be altered in order to alter my reaction.  When this particular situation occurs, I can say to myself, "yes, but I've learned.....". In this way I am taking control of the reaction in my Conscious mind and choose a different reaction. Over time by choosing this new reaction, I actually replace the old belief of prejudice to a belief on non-prejudice based on newer information.  Here's another example:  I lived with a girl friend in her house for six years and we are very different people.  At first, I did not like the way she wanted to decorate to the point of getting angry if I made a flower arrangement for the table and she took it apart and remade it to her liking.  I made a choice to believe that her feelings were more important to me that how the flower arrangement looked. I replaced whatever it was in my subconscious mind with a better way to approach the situation because I did not like being angry over such a silly thing.

There is one more level of mind that is not of the human mind which completely transforms the other levels and that is the level of true nature.  Our eternal being that only has a capacity of love and compassion. The level of pure light consciousness. Once awakened to this deep profound level that we can change our fate.

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