Wednesday, May 9, 2012


As I was pondering what to put in my post for today, I was reminded of an essay I wrote in college on the relativity of time.

How does this subject relate to happiness?  Time seems to always be an issue.
I hear myself and others say,
     "There just isn't enough time to get everything done."
     "I wasted all this time, working, being in this special relationship, crying, watching television."
     "I gave all my time and energy to...."
     "If I could go backwards, I would use my time more efficiently."

How we perceive time does affect the degree of happiness we expereience.

Time is a man-made concept. You would argue that time is not a concept but reality. The reason I use the word concept is because like the rest of my writings time exists only in the world and, therefore, seems like the truth.  We grow older from younger, our calendar denotes the passage of time, and we run our lives based on what time it is.  If you were stuck in a mine waiting to be resuced and could not see the sky, you could be stuck there for days and when you were rescued, you would not know how many days you were down there. 

In our true nature, time does not exist.  This is really hard to wrap our human minds around and there is really no reason to even try except for how it applies to our thoughts about our time spent which can make a difference in our happiness.

I'm not going to re-write my essay here, I'm just bringing up time for your consideration. Are you someone who dwells in the past and lets the past into your present moment.  The times of our past can alter our future.

I maintain that our purpose here, in our human experience, is to learn and to grow to a higher plane of consciousness. Our thoughts about time and help or hinder that growth.

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