Friday, July 13, 2012

7-13-12 No judgement day

This is a red-letter day for me. Because of that I woke up this morning and decided this would be a no judgement day for me.  Man, oh Fridays, my mind is like a tape on auto-rewind.  I'm catching so many sick, sad, and sorry judgments.  I have to say that I'm grateful those sick, sad and sorry thoughts are not as sick, sad and sorry as they used to be before I started going to my Tao discussion group.  My happiness really grew into what I get to experience now from that point when this precious gift was given to me.

Most of what I post in the blog come from that discussion group where my Tao kin and I share our spiritual journey.  I always amazes me how our individual experiences are helpful to to others.  We really are all alike in so many ways.

If you are interested in checking out a Tao discussion group in your area and don't know where, email me and tell me what city and I'll try to find one for you. 

I am working on a new posting which I will put up later today or tomorrow.

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