Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty 1-17-12

I was watching the Martha Stewart show this morning.  The show was on beauty and there was talk about how beauty comes from within, but only in reference to what we eat.  I wish there would be more talk about changing how beautiful we can be from within to changing how we think and what our perception of ourselves and the world around us.  To think productively, to let the past go, to stop being afraid of our future (although the world right now seems percarious); mainly to self-reflect and let that be the beginning of making real change from within.  True beauty does comes from within, but it is so much more that what we eat or what multivitimins we take, or the exercise we get.

There is a very rich industry on beauty products and advise.  There is also a lot of resources to help you find the way to within yourself. Trust me; when you start to go within, you may not like what you find, but go deeper to not only find your true beauty but the avenue to release it.

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