Thursday, June 21, 2012

6-21-12 Happiness and Integrity

The state of happiness is inter-related with your integrity. What is integrity:

                    Giving an honest days work for a days pay.
                    Practicing a likeable attitude in all your endeavors.
                    Keeping the promises you can keep and asking for
                    foregiveness on the ones you cannot keep.
                    Communicating your feelings to promote healthy  
                    Keeping your judgements to yourself or, even better,
                    is changing your mind regarding your judgements to purify
                    your thoughts and words.
                    Be as honest and forthright in all your dealing as you
                    possibly can. (This one changes as you process).
                    Being respectful to all people.

Your integrity cannot be for sale under any circumstances.

This list is meant to be a starter to your thought processes.  I'm quite sure your list will be much better.

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