Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6-26-12 Yellow Brick Road

I read in a book years ago called, “From Onions to Pearls”. The author used the metaphor of the “yellow brick road” (he did not call it that, this is the name I used to for own entertainment) for the path/plan that was already laid out in front of us when we arrived on earth for our current human experience. He said, “It doesn’t matter how much you practice or changing your mind in your quest for supreme spirituality, you will not get there until you step on that particular brick.” Each brick represents a passage in our individual process. I took what he said to heart and filed it away in my mind.

Today I believe that I have stepped on one of those bricks. I feel light-hearted, with good will toward everyone. I feel like the practicing I’ve spent years doing changing my mind about what I believe and what I want to believe had set the stage for this new freedom I’m experiencing. Be assured that all my effort would not have produced anything good if it wasn’t for the grace of Jesus Christ and his constant companionship. I have a quiet, warm, happy countenance today and a wish for all mankind to experience this.

Thanks for your support, whoever you are.

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