Friday, August 19, 2011


****I'm hoping anyone reading this blog, will post comments, questions, disagreements, anything to get a conversation rolling.*****Please check back often. I sincerely want to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Happiness is a feeling resulting from thought, directly related to perception, resulting from our belief system. Each individual's belief system has been formed by influence from others especially our parents and family imprinting our growing experience, from outcomes of our experiences and from the whole of society. Our unique perception is the result. This statement is completely true. It totally works for me because if I’m not experiencing happiness, then I just have to examine my thoughts which reveals my perception of what is happening to me and I can then discover the belief locked away in my subconscious fueling my experience. Beliefs can be changed and once that has happened, perception changes and the resulting experience changes. Once I realized the beauty of how it works, miracles happened. I was able to completely take responsibility for my own happiness. It mostly took a while, lots of practice until the change was actually made but completely worth it.

Here’s an example: I had a roommate at one point of my journey. One day I created this truly beautiful flower arrangement with a crystal vase and some silk flowers that looked wonderful on the dining table. I showed it to her and walked away very happy with my creativity. A little while later she brought the arrangement that she made out of the same vase and same flowers I used only adding more flowers. She was very proud of herself. I, however, was so angry I scared myself. I had to leave the apartment. I did not say anything to her. I got into my car and drove a few blocks to the beach to calm down and to understand why I was so angry. I did not like the way I was feeling and deep down inside I knew I could change this experience. After searching inside myself, I decided that her feelings were more important to me that a stupid flower arrangement. I triumphed that lesson and from them on, her feelings were always my choice over any trivial meaningless item. I definitely have control issues, but I won on that one which has lead the way to winning on many others. I’m not rid of all my control issues yet. It seems we are given the same learning experience over and over until we learn it before that particular lesson goes away.

I’ ve determined that my life is all about events which seem to be lessons in my eternal development. When I rethink an event that is happening to me and I turn my thinking into what I’m learning, happiness happens for me.

To stop blaming other people or events on your current happiness is not only empowering but healing for all involved. We are in control! I decide on my response and I am in control of my outcomes. Now, there's a miracle for you.

How does someone who is in a vulnerable place become invulnerable? By being honest ALL THE TIME! Put all your agendas, feelings, and thoughts right out there. The more I talked the more invulnerable I became. This is the real meaning of "living out loud".


Mad North Northwest said...

Hi, this is Trish, I met you once or twice--I'm a friend of Jen's. I have a question I'd love to hear your answer to: what do you think happiness is?

I dated a guy recently who thought that happiness was an illusion, and that it was foolish to seek it, that we should all content ourselves with tiny pleasures and not seek anything larger.

I truly believe that one should "go big or go home", which doesn't mean not enjoying the small things or accepting that life is tumultuous, but that settling isn't the way to go.

Doris said...

Trish, I remember you. In answer to your question; I think happiness is the quality of our true eternal nature. It is our natural state that we can find and once you to everything else makes complete sense. Start be examining which of your beliefs are of this world (created by, fueled by, influenced by) and should stay with the this world and which of your beliefs come from your current understanding of the bigger picture. Happiness is your birth-right and if you are not experiencing happiness this need not be.
I feel for your friend you spoke of and unfortunately far too many people limit their thinking and accept a life of existence instead of the joy they could be experiencing.
Look for it and you will find it. Keep me posted on your search and I applaud you on not being "normal". I mean that in the highest compliment to you. Doris