Tuesday, August 23, 2011

08-23-11 Random thoughts, continued

08/23/11 continued random thoughts on happiness.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned along this journey is the non-interference in the lives of others. It only stands to reason. We are all here muddling through this human experience wondering who we are, why we’re here or what our mission is. Everyone responds to the situations that come up in their lives differently. Our perception is totally individual as are our reactions. There is absolutely no way I would know what is best for someone else.

All my life well-intentioned people have told me what I should do or not do. They are not me. They do not have my perception, nor could they ever have a clue about that, no matter how well they think they know me. They have not had my experiences. They do not know my private thoughts. They just want me to do what they would do in that particular situation.

This is true for everyone. I would love to tell people what to do or what to choose when they ask or even when they don’t ask. It would not work for them anyway because they have their own agenda, their own lessons and they will get to the right decision for them when they get to it. No one else can have an inkling of what it will take or when.

I knew this young man that went to prison accused of killing an elderly lady during a break-in. He did seventeen years for that crime. I truly believe that this event was suppose to happen and the women agreed to sacrifice her life to help him. Of course, the plan was made before either one of them came to earth. If he had not gone to prison at seventeen he would have been killed sooner or later due to the direction of his life at that time. He came out of prison at 34 a completely changed (for the better) man. He discovered his talent for singing, playing guitar, and song writing while he was in prison. The direction of his life was redirected in a positive direction for him. He’s been out for some years now. He is happily married with children with many loving family and close friends. He is grinning and picking and loving life.

There is a beautiful young woman I know. She came from a good family. Although a moderately dysfunctional family. After a death in her family, she made choices that threw her into drugs, prostitution, and abusive situations. She did not listen to any of the people who loved her. After being incarcerated many times, she finally was sent to rehab a long distance away from her drug friends and family. She began going to AA and her life is now a happy and healthy one. She is married, graduated from college and is committed to helping others out of the life she was immersed in.

I use these examples because they are extreme and show that we just don’t know what someone has to experience in order to process through to a happy healthy life. Since I have accepted to keep my well-intentioned concerns to myself, I am not burdened by their choices or their outcomes.

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