Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Intention 9-21-11

I wanted to write something like this blog for a long time before I actually did it. I told myself I could not publish anything until I could walk the talk. That being said, I was at my Tao discussion group on Sunday and my ego mind showed up guised as inspiration. I felt inspired to share, but this time, I also felt an attachment to what I wanted to say. It felt controlling. It was not natural it was my ego wanting some recognition.

I find it very interesting these two minds I have. My true mind which is a gift from the creator filled with compassion and correct desire to help others and my ego mind. My ego mind being my perception also the sum total of my worldly values. I’ve learned by studying Tao that I came into this world with karmic seeds from my past lives. The whole reason for cultivating is to remove these seeds. These seeds represent attachments and desires. Each comes equipped with cause and effect. Or, also, reaction and consequence. I know this far in my cultivation, if I do not like the consequence; I have a belief ensconced in my subconscious that has to be changed. I am very grateful for all the resources all around to help me fully examine, in self reflection, and to influence changing my values that are of this world. I fully accept that I am an eternal being having a human experience. Each time I am successful in learning the lesson I get to experience joy and knowing that another karmic seed has been removed from my subconscious.

“The desire and the consequence rise together.” Buddha

I have already decided for my next discussion group to quietly determine my intention with each idea I wish to share before I speak.

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