Friday, September 9, 2011

THE PROCESS - 9-9-11

My sister read my blog and we had a great discussion about the “Process”. She is mainstream traditional Christian. I am also Christian but with added Eastern beliefs.
We used to argue about religion. Now, we understand that we each have a different view but we both love God. She has been writing and researching on the canonization of the Bible. This is the process of elimination and rearranging of the books of the Bible to have what we have today.

The process of life is learning, then relearning, eliminating, expanding, and constantly growing. The process will take us through all the phases of our life; (Infant, toddler, child, puberty, teenager, young adult, adult, and senior). The only factor that could change the natural flow of change could be a traumatic event.

My spirituality is an on-going process. I started my life as a Southern Baptist. That was the religion my parents raised me in. All I remember from that experience is to fear God. Our pastor did not allow us to wear makeup or to go to dances. I did both.

The next phase was learning to be a Catholic for love. I was in love with a sailor from Brooklyn New York who was an Italian whose family was from Sicily. They were Catholics which meant Joe and I had to be married in the Catholic Church or they did not recognize the marriage as a marriage. Joe and I were in California. His ship was leaving for Vietnam. We decided to get secretly married from our families in order to get the spousal support from the Navy while he was gone. I was baptized into the Catholic religion and our family wedding was planned for after he was discharged from the Navy.
We never made it to that wedding.

One year later I was remarried and living in Renton, Washington. My new husband and I were baptized into the Mormon religion. It was during these 10 years I came to have a personal relationship with God.

Twelve years later I was divorced again and looking for answers. I found many answers which led me to a study of Eastern Religions. My beliefs were morphing again. Five years later I was married for the third time and excommunicated from the Mormon Church. That marriage only last for four years and was a very difficult time for me.

Since then, after a few more attempts at relationships, I have processed to not “needing” to be in a relationship. I put needing in parenthesis because it was the need that I’ve processed through. I am quite content being on my own. Now I continue the process with a group of people where we discuss Tao. It’s really here, where my happiness really started to soar and continues to soar and grow in understanding.

I sincerely believe there is a plan for each of our lives. That plan is this process. This process will take each of us back to our eternal heavenly home. The time that takes is entirely up to us and when we are willing to learn each lesson.

I would love it if you would post your process and how that is continuing for you.


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