Saturday, October 8, 2011


Random thought: "It’s never the other guy."

Painfully shy, overt/covert aggressiveness, obsessive controlling behavior:

All of these personally traits are learned responses and are all cut from the same cloth.

Modern psychology has each of them diagnosed and treatments outlined which will work when practiced properly. It’s all good.

Psychology is a lot like most medicines; it treats the symptoms but is not the cure.
I’ve done the psychology thing and it helped me a lot to get a healthier outlook and put my healing on a better track.

The cure is to completely embrace your true nature in every way possible. I cannot stress this enough. It is the only cure. Please remember we are not here for a nice life-time we are here to gain momentum for eternity. You will always have your true nature while your human personality is only for the while you are in your body.

There are no mistakes within your true nature. All the virtue you can muster is contained there. To be virtuous is to have absolute joy and happiness most of the time. I say most of the time, because of the human element. Virtue and joy is our birthright of our soul, but while in our human state, we will always be choosing and re-choosing. I say always, because I don’t know anyone who is so virtuous they have reached complete enlightenment that is alive today. There may well be some, and I hope there is. When one is walking around with the “mandate of heaven” there is an expectation to always present virtue. How complete their virtue is would be a question to ask them directly.

One of the issues I seem to always struggle with is when I make a mistake and it is pointed out to me. It’s a work in progress. I wish I could retire so the mistakes I make at work would cease. I choose to look at them as an opportunity to rise above my initial reaction, which I usually get to upon reflection.

People are the precious commodity here. The mistakes I make are not important, but the people involved are. We are all just stumbling along the best we can trying to get this thing called life right. I certainly don’t want to throw any rocks in anyone’s way.

I read once that it is impossible to put another down without hurting both of you.
It’s a hard truth to believe and to understand. Think if it this way, to put another down; that thought was first conceived of in your mind. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how that thought would also have an effect on you.

I know people that are painfully shy and other people that are controlling. Neither of these are easy to change. Use every resource available because it’s good to know who you really are. Come out into the light and shine.

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