Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cultivating and our true compassion 10-20-11

Greed, hatred, ignorance and delusion love; these emotions do not lead to happiness.

Ignorance here means not knowing your true self and delusion love feels like happiness but usually ends in disappointment.

Cultivating is the perfect word to use in context of cultivating your true nature. If you understand how a beautiful garden grows, you know that it takes care; weeding, feeding, watering, sunshine, and tender loving care.

Groundedness, calmness, peace of mind, contemplation, gain, and the fullness of love will be the results of cultivating.

Quoting Confucius (Doctrine of the Mean, Chapter 13), “One who practices loyalty and forgiveness is not far from Tao (true, eternal love). What you do not like to be done to yourself, do not do to others.”

We are all naturally compassionate. It is inherent in our true nature. Let me elaborate what is meant when it is said that all men have a mind which cannot bear to see the sufferings of others, the meaning may be illustrated this way: Even now-a-days, if you see a child about to fall into a well, you will without exception experience a feeling of alarm and distress. You will feel so, not a a ground on which you may gain the favor of the child’s parents, nor as a ground on which you seek the praise of others, nor from a dislike to the reputation of having been unmoved by such a situation. This is our original nature and conscience. It has nothing to do with gain or loss. It flows out from our true nature naturally.

My mind wants to hash over the past with negative memories. Happiness can only be achieved in the present. I have had to stand guard over my thoughts to keep dismissing them as that was then, but I learned. No good can be gained by dwelling on words that were said, events that happened, bringing up past hurts, and past mistakes, or what we feel others have done to us. Some of them seem really hard to dismiss from my mind. It sometimes feels like my mind is on auto re-wind. I’ve made my choice for peace of mind and happiness; therefore, cultivating is the way for me. I’m grateful to know there is a way to complete happiness and that happiness can happen. It’s the only way that makes sense to me.

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