Friday, December 9, 2011

GET A HOBBY!! 12-09-11

That title may sound judgmental and I apologize for that. I was inspired to write about this on my way to work. I get my best thoughts while driving my car. I’ve been told that it was something to do with one side of your brain is driving the car and the creative side is more open.

I have some very dear friends that are conflicted with alcoholism. I have observed in these friends that not one of them has a hobby. I find that unusual, but it may be an indicator. When I ask them why they don’t have a hobby, they all say they cannot think of something to do.

Gaining a hobby is as easy as giving yourself the opportunity to be inspired. Each eternal being born to a human body comes into the world with a propensity to create something. Look around your house and let what you own give you inspiration. If you are drawn to beautiful landscapes, maybe your hobby would be painting or photography. Find a class and try that out. Or, if you love flowers and flora and fauna try gardening indoor and/or out. If music speaks to you, maybe you could be a singer with some voice lessons or play an instrument. You may have the ability to write lyrics or poetry.

When involved in creating while doing a hobby, I loose my awareness of time and routines. I have learned to do my creating only for myself. I was too sensitive to other’s opinions. I let my perception of their opinion take joy away from me. Now I create only for my own enjoyment. If someone likes it, all the better, and if they don’t their opinion stays with them.

If anyone asked me what is the one thing a person can do to reflect, my answer would be to first; turn off the noise. The noise is from the radio, TV, and all other instruments that deliver outside stimulation. Get in a quiet state alone and imagine yourself getting a chair and watching yourself think. Observe your thoughts without any editing. After a few times of doing this exercise you will discover which thoughts trouble you. It will give you a place to begin sorting and reprogramming. Just listening to the hum of the natural world is very relaxing. Try it.

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