Thursday, December 22, 2011

The More I cultivate the dumber I get


I have always admired and chaseed after knowledge. I love people who just seem to know things.

What I mean by my title of this post, is that the more I cultivate the true meaning of my life and my eternal nature the more worldly information I chuck off, thus me saying, "The more I cultivate the dumber I get."

I don't have a lot of time this week so I'm going to quote from a lesson I received in my Tao discussion class:

"Even though there are numerous creatures, all of them eventually will return to the root of their life. The return of all creatures to the root is called tranquility. Tranquility is the same as returning to the true self. This is the true eternal life. People who truly understand eternal life are those who understand the true self and false self (ego). Those who do not understand that soul is beyond annihilation are prone to have wild and fancy imaginations and may act rashly and impetuously. Once this occurs, mistortunes follow. Therefore, those who cherish the true self are open-minded and would tolerate everything; they are selfless and impartial."  And HAPPY!

Have a wonderful holiday!

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